Silver Star Igo 2.0.5


At last, "GinseiIgo" unveiled that is popular with PC and game consoles.

○ CPU game game mode ◆ Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced / Select the highest level four-phase mode is a computer game. ◆ 2P terminals using a price game, and game modes make it hit a stone in two alternates. Even without a board and stones are available immediately in games between humans. In addition, 2P game modes as well as a game, the game records are also available for input. Useful input and views on the go. ○ resuming saved games played the game record storage and can be read. It is possible to save the game record of 100. Records Saved Records also be ordered to do later, the game can also be resumed. Features in game ○ "Silver Stars Go" is useful in a game, has many features. For board ◆: 19 channel / 13 channel / channel ◆ commit 9: 0 by half a point to half a stone placed second ◆ 7: 0 to tell the next moves in the game until the child ◆ 9 "hint" feature board ◆ Show 地合 will calculate the "View 地合" 19x19 lightly at various functions and operations to achieve light display featuring formulas ◆ ○ feature, you able to perform various functions and precise operation We support. Where you touch to zoom around the board once ◆, to display the current cursor location to touch a stone hit ◆ automatic zoom function and then the cursor functions it hit a rock at your finger off with the locations targeted Zoom ※, cursor function "options" can be ordered from the Switching Function. For ■ OS ■ Android OS 2.1- 800*480-

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